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Is it intelligent to have a form of medicine that waits for health crises to happen, and springs into action with expensive, often ineffective, palliative medicines and invasive, traumatising surgery?

This is practised throughout the mainstream medical services of the world, and carries on without considering the obvious alternative – Preventative Medicine.

Generally, Western medicine identifies itself with a palliative approach in dealing with disease, mainly because it doesn’t understand the cause, has a great fear of death, and is pressurised by pharmaceutical companies.

It focusses on the symptoms of a health problem, and doesn’t have the knowledge to venture deeper to investigate the underlying cause, as even cancer is a symptom of some deeper disharmony within, often an intense unexpressed anger, hiding an underlying unexpressed deep sadness. Unexpressed pent up emotions, will eventually manifest as a physical problem, if not acknowledged and dealt with. Dealing with our problems on deeper levels will Prevent all kinds of illnesses manifesting into the body.

Western Medicine has closed its mind on the fact that Prevention is the Cure, skimming the surface, and not concerning itself with the patient’s emotional life and their wholeness.

Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart disease are on the increase, and antibiotics are losing their power.

Pharmaceutical companies are becoming more and more desperate for ideas, and are continually producing palliative toxic drugs, often leaving the patient debilitated with a low immune system, and a poor quality of life, due to the toxic overload.

Preventative Medicine is the answer, not toxic drugs!

We all need to wake up and make the necessary changes we need for a healthy and happy society.

The transition to reliance on Preventative Medicine will take time, eventually ending our reliance on the 2 major tyrannies with the Western approach, and they are Specialisation e.g. Heart specialists who do not understand the deeper connections between the organs, and Standardisation e.g. HRT for all women who want it, without any consideration for their specific physical, energetic, mental and spiritual state.

Would it not be a better idea to train our doctor’s to see the wholeness of a person, and treat the body, energy, mind and spirit of an individual, instead of dealing with isolated aspects? All our problems arise from our state of mind, so that’s a good place to start.

Here is a typical scenario which is happening today and every day in doctor’s surgeries, ignoring the deeper problems of the patient:

A person visits a doctor with a relatively mild condition, and is given an antibiotic or other prescription drugs which cause side-effects, and serious ones in some cases.

The person returns to the doctor, who gives them another pill to counteract the side effects of the first drug. The second drug causes further side-effects, worsening the patient’s condition. A third pill is given to counteract the side effects of the side effects.

Confused, and frustrated, the doctor hands over responsibility to a specialist, who often will operate, and so it goes on.

What started out as a minor problem became life-threatening, creating unecessary suffering at great expense for society.

I must point out, however, that my personal experience with doctors and surgeons throughout my life has been caring and comforting, even though any treatment in the form of creams and pills etc, have been palliative.

Western medicine is superlative at using technology to identify internal disturbances, but not so good at curing them.

Here is an example from my experience as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A patient came to see me, and I suspected cancer, as did her homeopath. I advised her to visit her GP, who said it was only internal haemorrhoids and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Soon after, she started to bleed intensely, and had to be admitted to hospital, as it became an emergency situation. After various tests cancer of the anus was confirmed. For about nine months her bowels had not been working efficiently. She would go to the loo 20 times a day, with mainly a watery substance being evacuated, hardly any stool formation, which means that there wasn’t enough energy in the digestive tract to form a normal stool. The evacuation became uncontrollable, (i.e. minimal energy in the anus, colon and small intestine to hold anything inside), and at the age of 53, she had to wear a nappy all day and night.

The underlying cause of her problem was a very stressful job, working for a multinational company, causing her to worry excessively over a long period of time, which had depleted the energy of her digestive tract, which in turn manifested as the bowel problem. Worry/over concern being the root causes of digestive problems on the mental level, which eventually over a long period of time, manifests as a physical symptom.

Minimal energy was reaching her extremity, so her body possessing its own natural intelligence, as we all have, decided that that part of the body was no longer required, and so it decided to die via the anal cancerous growth.

If you have a symptom of any kind whatsoever, you cannot achieve Optimum Health, and in this case the symptom (or Messenger) of extreme watery diarrhoea, had to be remedied as quickly as possible. in order to strengthen the immune system, so that the patient has the best chance to fight off the cancer for herself.

What happened, was that they offered chemo-therapy and radio-therapy for 5 consecutive weeks, but did absolutely nothing about the bowel problem! I was astonished and this was not reassuring, and I wondered what kind of training doctors were receiving if they didn’t realise the vital importance of restoring normal bowel activity!

Although I didn’t mention this incompetence to my patient – I simply said that it was imperative to heal the bowel, in this case using acupuncture, herbal medicine, resting, and positive thinking, to strengthen the immune system, and thereby helping to keep in check the side effects of the hospital treatment, and give her the best chance to fight off the problem.

After a few weeks, her bowels started to heal, and she was very surprised how her energy had increased throughout her treatment, confirming that her immune system was strengthening.

I saw her recently, and she was very happy, as her stools were now fully formed, faithfully taking the herbal powders three times daily, and acupuncture once a week.

Also, she had just seen her doctor at the hospital, who said that the tumour had gone, and that the next stage was to perform a PET scan which will highlight any active cancer cells that might be elsewhere in her body.

Incidentally, he asked how her bowels were doing!

Anyway, this is a good example of Eastern and Western medicines working together, unknown to the doctor of course, who most likely would have advised her against other types of treatment, which is usually the case.

Western medicine has a great ability to save lives when there is a crisis, and this is admirable, and there will always be cases even if Preventative Medicine was used as the main cure, that serious medical situations will arise where Western medicine would be the only way forward to save a life. However, crisis medicine, i.e. waiting for disease to happen, works against itself by creating complicated and unnecessary problems, and costs billions to sustain – sheer madness!

If we had a medical service that focussed on prevention, our need for so many costly operations, and the great suffering that people experience with invasive treatments, would not be necessary.

There is a flip side, and that is that the scientific discoveries that enhance operational techniques, has meant less invasion of the body when operating, and some of these discoveries are also used in other areas of life to help Humanity.

So there is a balance to be achieved, between the energetic, intuitive medicine practised by alternative health practitioners, which is based on disease Prevention with a deep understanding of the cause, and the scientific approach, which always needs ‘proof’, to continue, is costly, and can take a long time to develop.

The medical knowledge from Chinese,Tibetan, Indian and other Ancient Wisdoms, has been completely overlooked, perhaps considered too simplistic.

These Ancient Wisdoms realised that as human beings we must develop harmony between our Spiritual, Mental, Subtle (Energetic) and Physical bodies, for a happy, healthy life.

We are too ‘headstrong’ in the West – we need more Heart. To bring about a balance of Head and Heart, will enable both East and West to share their wisdoms, and then Humanity will benefit enormously, eliminating much intense suffering. Bring it on!

 K.J.Ashton, MATCM, Lic Ac, DipCHM.

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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