Qi Kung Workshop

This 1 day Qi Kung workshop includes an integrated combination of 8 Psychodynamic exercises (with warm up exercises) from one of the Eighteen Venerable Buddhist Monks of the Shaolin Temple in China. The purpose of these 8 exercises is to clear the body of common 

physical ailments. They have no miraculous or magical effect, but if diligently applied will assist in losing excess weight, helping you feel lighter and more alert, and tone up your muscles. They will assist those that are underweight to build up their energy and muscles. This is a method that helps the body promote its own cure in a manner that is preferable to taking external remedies. These exercises have preventative and curative effects, and provide the means to develop self awareness and inner peace.

Each person attending will receive a Health Diagnosis if requested.

Brighton Workshops to be arranged in 2017.






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