Keith is a very special practitioner with an abundance of wisdom, experience and kindness. He has been treating me for over a year now, and I have found his sessions to be transformative. Keith is a trustworthy and accomplished healer, but he has also empowered me to approach whatever health problems arise with an increasingly positive and empowered attitude. His approach is holistic, addressing not only physical aspects but also psychological and even spiritual aspects too. I would strongly recommend Keith to anyone.

Clare D


I am very happy to have this opportunity to give this testimonial for Keith. I was trained as a scientist and afflicted with their standard occupational hazards: over thinking and over analysing every situation. I was always very skeptical of herbs and acupuncture. But my wife had several of Keith’s treatments with tremendous benefit, so I decided on a series of treatments for myself. I found that after several acupuncture sessions and herbal treatments, I was much more centered, much more relaxed, and happier.

Ps. Keith has a wonderful non-judgmental “bedside manner,” which I had forgotten still existed.

Clyde S


If you are experiencing IBS symptoms or suffering side effects from radiotherapy to the pelvic area, please know that acupuncture can truly make a positive difference to your recovery.

A few months ago, I was in despair at the awful state of my bowels after undergoing radiotherapy. It was affecting my social life, self esteem and general health as I was unable to process much nourishment from my food. However, after acupuncture sessions and herbs from Keith Ashton to rebuild strength to my digestive system, my energy levels have increased and I can now go out and socialise again without fear of any unpleasant incident.

Gill M


I have known Keith for more than 20 years, during which time he has treated me for various ailments. His knowledge of Chinese Medicine, both as an acupuncturist, and as a herbalist, is very extensive. I would highly recommend him.

Bridget F.


Since my first treatment from Keith Ashton, when I was amazed by the immediate effectiveness of his skill as an exponent of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, I have become more and more aware of the importance of keeping the energy channels (meridians) that run through the body clear and unblocked.

As an opera singer I have always tried to maximise my energy levels and keep my immune system in good condition, but stress and fatigue have very occasionally weakened it, and so pathogens have invaded the body causing a reaction of soreness and swelling, and excess mucous in the throat, rendering the voice unusable.

It was on such an occasion that I first went to Keith. He gave me acupuncture and within 24 hours my voice had returned to its normal power, range and quality to the extent that when I sang at an audition that day, the impressiveness of the sound was openly commented upon.

Subsequent treatments have always left me feeling re-vitalised, with a sense that my vital organs were functioning more efficiently and with an enhanced vocal ability, available for use both as trainer and performer.



I have used Keith’s services since late 2013 where as a result of a Nervous Breakdown I was suffering from unimaginable nerve pain in my chest, arms and back. My digestion had come to complete stand still; I could not focus or work and I had a spinning sensation in my head. I was also suffering from Panic Disorder and GAD as a result of life experiences and not knowing what was wrong with me. I also could not sleep. I found Keith’s diagnosis to be excellent and he worked with me to develop a strategy which would improve the quality of my life, and within three sessions most of my nerve pain had disappeared and I started to feel better. The Chinese Medication also helped.

He has continued working with me and I recommend that you use his knowledge and services to improve the quality of your life. 

Ali . S




































































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