Chinese Medicine – The Emotions


Chinese Medicine – The Emotions

The basic negative emotions related to the organs, that if not resolved, can eventually lead to manifesting as a health problem, are: 

Anger – Liver ‘The Seat of Emotions’
Anxiety/?Sadness Heart The Mind/Blood
Worry/?pensiveness Spleen Digestion
Grief – Lungs Receives Qi from Heaven
Fear – Kidneys Constitutional

Although the mind/body connection has been acknowledged only relatively recently in western medicine, the interaction of emotions with the physical body has always been an essential aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

An emotional imbalance can affect the organ’s function. 

For example, prolonged anger can lead to an imbalance in the liver. At the same time, liver imbalances can produce symptoms of anger, often leading to a self-perpetuating cycle.

In discussing the emotional aspect of the disease process, it is important to remember that it is normal to experience the full range of emotions. It is only when a negative emotion is experienced over a prolonged period or with particular intensity that it becomes a source of imbalance, and could eventually manifest as a physical disease if not attended to.

It is important for a person with severe emotional problems to consult their Doctor. 

A course of Acupuncture and/or Chinese herbs, is especially effective in treating disorders of the emotions. 

In many cases, Traditional Chinese Medicine will restore a state of emotional balance and peacefulness.

K.J.Ashton, MATCM, Lic Ac, DipCHM.



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