Voice Improvement Workshop


How to improve the Tone, Quality, Power and Emotional Depth and Delivery of your Voice – using Chinese Medicine.

 IMG_1347If you are a Singer, Actor or Public Speaker, or you simply would like to improve your voice, then TCM can help on a very deep level.

By strengthening the Qi (Energy) of the Spleen (Earth Element), lung (Air Element) and kidney (Water Element), the tone, quality and power, respectively, our voice will be enhanced considerably.

TCM also strengthens the two emotional organs – the Liver (Wood Element) and the Heart (Fire Element) – thus increasing the depth of feeling in our vocal expression – delivering more passion!

If it can have such a deep effect on an individual singer, imagine the beauty of a choir powered by TCM!

Perhaps this is an unusual approach for the western mind to grasp. However, with attention to our health and well-being, i.e. improving the strength and quality of the Elements within us, we not only improve our voice, but our Immune System automatically becomes stronger and re-vitalised!

With Vibrant Health we have a Vibrant Voice!

Future workshops to be arranged in 2017.









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