There is only one meaningful question worth asking: Who am I?

In 2014 Scotland voted to stay within the United Kingdom.

There was much anger, an identity crisis, and a feeling of injustice, amongst many Scots, and beyond.

As humans we have a choice as to what it is we focus on and identify with.

Is our main identity in being Scottish or American, male, female, black or white etc?

When we identify with something that is not who we really are, we become partisan, bigoted, unhappy, and we want our own way – a manifestation of ignorance and selfishness which always leads to dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

We are part of a greater community – there is only One race – the human race – we are One family, and until we realise this unhappiness and misery will continue.

Beyond even this, our greatest and truest part is our Soul, which is eternal and indivisible, and is waiting to be discovered by each one of us, and this is the reason why we are here – to discover our Soul through Love, which is who we really are.

Whatever we think, we become – so if we think about and identify with our Soul (often called God/Higher Self/True Reality etc) as often as we can, we will realise and therefore experience our Magnificence.