Optimum Health is everything to us, as without it life cannot be enjoyed to its fullest extent.

To discover simple and effective ways to stay healthy and happy, we need to have a deeper understanding of the Natural Laws which govern our wellbeing.

The Ancient Traditional Eastern Approach has a very profound, simple, and highly effective understanding of the causes of disharmony on all levels.

It’s way of diagnosing is very practical and pro-active, cutting through confusion, delivering the treatment required, based on discovering, and then treating the cause, via the clues given by the various manifesting symptoms or ‘messengers’.

With this knowledge, the Practitioner is then able to help patients clear the symptoms, focus on Prevention, which in turn reduces the possibility of a relapse.

Constitutional Energy

A clear understanding of our Constitutional Energy is essential – the strength of which has to be determined by the practitioner to be able to give the correct treatment.

Also a clear understanding of how our Energy is affected by the quality of the food we eat, and the air we breath, combined with a deep knowledge of Energy (Qi), Blood, Essence, Body Fluids, and Spirit.

From this knowledge we can develop an even deeper awareness of the Physical, Energetic, Mental (emotions, thoughts and feelings), and the Spiritual aspects of ourselves.

We can reverse most of our health problems, slow down our Ageing Process, and heal ourselves on all levels – with the inspiring possibility of reaching Optimum Health.