Effective Preventative Medicine

Effective Preventative Medicine is not understood in the West. We are a society continually building hospitals, waiting for more illness to occur because we simply do not understand the need for a more sane and simple approach towards prevention of disease.

So what exactly is it we need to understand to prevent disease and enable ourselves to stay as healthy as we can?
On the deepest level all illness, unhappiness or any negative state of mind has SELF INTEREST as its root cause,  i.e. focussing on obtaining happiness for ourselves, by fulfilling our selfish desires, our cravings, to satisfy ourselves, and not seeking the happiness of others.

The so-called happiness we get from being selfish is ultimately unsatisfactory, because it doesn’t last. ‘True Happiness lies in making others happy’,  (a quote from the great spiritual Master Meher Baba). This is where the essence for good health on all levels is found. So we could say a truly happy, loving, compassionate and generous mind will render a healthy being!

The mind is a great trickster if we don’t keep it in check – it projects onto the world our vast cluster of false beliefs, assumptions and issues, and carries on as if these were true! What a folly, and such a creator of chaos, as each one of us has our own unique mind set!

So the beginning of prevention is creating an awareness of how our mind (thoughts, emotions and desires) is based on self-interest, creating a feeling of separateness from the Unity that we are all part of, thus creating havoc with every part of us, eventually manifesting into our bodies as a physical disease if we don’t start sorting out our underlying problems.

As we create this awareness of how our mind can easily lead us astray, we can begin to notice how our mind is behaving, by looking at our day to day actions and reactions that we perform with our bodies. We then begin to distinguish between selfish action and selfless action.

It is vital for us to understand that our personal perceptions of everything outside of us, with the accompanying reactions, are a reflection of our inner values, and can teach us a great deal about ourselves if we allow it.

We constantly receive reflections from the outside, and in a split second we have a choice – either to project what we are receiving as a reflection onto the other person, making them wrong because we can’t bear it, or we can take responsibility and process the reflection internally. This clears the obstacle(s) within ourselves, creating a smoother communication with others.

For example, if we see anger or hatred etc on the outside in someone, it is because it is within us and is being reflected back to us. So rather than giving the outside a hard time by complaining, blaming, and generally being negative – we can search within ourselves and clear it i.e. process it within us, becoming more and more vigilant, aware and  happier.

Any belief, assumption or issue that we have within, is the very thing that prevents our communication with others, and will eventually manifest itself as a health problem the longer it is left unattended.

The above procedure is a very deep approach to dealing with the ‘nitty gritty’ of our lives, and becoming happier in the process, by doing our best to be rid of false beliefs and negativity within ourselves, and thus becoming stronger physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

We Are All One

We are all from the same place – WE ARE ALL ONE – and therefore the very deepest part of us is identical with each other. It is each person’s destiny to eventually find it within themselves, often referred to as the Oversoul, God, Higher Self, Enlightenment etc.

So the Truth is that if we truly love, then that love will nourish us too, and if we harm someone, we harm ourselves also, even if at first it appears that we are getting away with it – the ‘pay back’ will eventually come according to the ‘Law of Karma’ i.e. cause and effect. No-one can avoid the ‘pay back’, it is built in to our ephemeral existence.

The Law of Karma is a fact in this worldly level of existence, where nothing is permanent, and where everything is constantly changing. Nothing lasts here in our physical world, so it cannot be real in the truest sense because all physical things change and disappear, as indeed our bodies do. So to become attached to things that change, causes us much unhappiness when we have to let it go.

The only Reality that is real and never changes is LOVE.

So with love in our hearts, we can come from that True Reality, as this is our true nature. We all have, without exception ‘Basic Goodness’ – Unlimited Divine Love, dwelling within, and the purpose of our existence is to discover this. Healthy feelings, thoughts, emotions, energy, and physical health will naturally spring from this.

This well of Love deep within each one of us has no needs or desires, gives and gives, and wants nothing in return.  So what greater healer can there be?