Would you be surprised to know that True Health is not simply a healthy body?

Even though the body is a magnificent creation in itself, we are much more than that – rest assured.

Anything that changes cannot be real in the truest sense, as for example, the body will one day decompose and return to the earth.

What is real is the invisible, and therefore not seen with our physical eyes, and the most real is Divine Love, and this never changes – it is a constant forever.

This Love resides deep within each one of us without exception, and whether we resist it or not, we will eventually discover this Magnificence within, and it is said that the experience is indescribable.

The poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, Kabir etc. connect us to the Divine. They impart the wonderful feeling of this Love within, that we are here to discover – this is why we are here – it’s simple, and through lifetime after lifetime, we become finer and finer until we are desireless, and want only one thing – to merge into Divine Consciousness.

Therefore, as we are all eternally and divinely connected, and our Soul, our True Divine Self never dies, so it follows that we must be kind and loving to each other whilst we are here on this Earth, or at least try to practice this.

It’s the ultimate healthy practice to see the Divine in each other, not just relate to the superficial shell that is the body, but relate to the Soul behind the eyes of each person you meet, as we all come from the same place – we are truly brothers and sisters.

If we manage to do this, we will develop a Healthy Mind, Energy, and Body, as we will be experiencing a deeper connection with Divine Love that is hidden within ourselves – our Magnificence.