Recently I managed to get away and visit one of my favourite places, on the south coast of England called Swanage, in the county of Dorset.

When my children were young I would take them there frequently, and we would swim, go for walks along the cliffs, do some fishing, and they would often play the slot machines, trying to win a fortune. I would give them one pound each, and then sit back and watch what happened, and the pattern was always the same, i.e. one son would quickly lose all, the other would often exit with a slight win of a few pence.

We would always visit our favourite restaurant, where my youngest had a penchant for prawn cocktails, and he would always have 2 portions – he loved them so much. Our trips were a lot of fun.

Anyway, back to my visit.

The climb to the top of the cliffs is quite steep, and my desire to get there is always very strong, as the view is spectacular. The ‘Needles’ of the Isle of Wight’, and the coast line of Bournemouth, across the sparkling water was so beautiful. The sky was mainly blue that day, with the occasional large fluffy cloud, with a very gentle breeze. I was on top of the world.

I turned 360 degrees very slowly as if I was a camera, taking in the rolling hills behind me, with patches of sunlight through the clouds passing across them.

It was then that I felt a wonderful intense feeling of joy, in which I lost myself’.

In retrospect I realised that at that time it wasn’t the usual old ‘me’ looking out, it was something new and much deeper inside me, closer to the real me. With this experience no thinking was involved, no decisions, simply a joyful Realisation.

It helped me to realise more deeply, that from the point of Reality, there is no ‘me’, only Oneness – we are all One.
To be Truly Healthy is to be in touch with our Oneness, incorporating all aspects of our Being – Spiritual, Mental (Feelings, Emotions, Thoughts), Energetic and Physical.

The Spiritual (Soul/Spirit) is the most real, the remainder we have to learn to manage, and not cause too many negative ripples, by being unkind or cruel to our Brothers and Sisters in this world, as I feel we have an essential need to Love one another.

To be ‘on purpose’ in our body, is to practice as much as we can to remember who we really are, which is the same Consciousness deep inside each one of us.

This Consciousness is the Oneness, the Unity, the Ocean of Love, which some call God, which we are all consciously or unconsciously searching for.

We all knowingly or unknowingly want to ‘go home’, not a physical place, but a state of Consciousness beyond our wildest dreams, that I know each one of us will eventually attain, it is our birthright.

I saw them cross the twilight of an Age,
The sun-eyed children of a marvellous dawn.
The massive barrier-breakers of the world,
The architects of immortality.
Bodies made beautiful by the Spirit’s Light,
Carrying the magic word, the mystic fire,
Carrying the Dionysian cup of joy.
— Sri Aurobindo