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What  To Expect When You Come For a Diagnosis/Treatment

As soon as the patient enters the room, the diagnosis begins. Observation of how the patient walks into the room, the spirit or lack of it in the eyes, the sound of the voice, and general attitude. All these and more, enables the practitioner to begin to feel the strength of the person’s Qi (Vital Energy).

Qi is invisible, which supports the visible, i.e. the physical body and all physical things. To raise your arm, to breathe, to see, to hear, to smell, to be able to listen, all these need Qi to manifest efficiently.

However, going deeper, our mind controls the Qi, which in turn controls the body. So the real healing is to check out our belief system, our assumptions and our issues, as all these obstruct the strength and ‘smooth flow’ of our Qi.

The state (i.e.  quality and quantity) of your Qi and Blood directly relates to your state of mind. A highly recommended everyday practice is to develop a Happy and Positive mind.

Constitutional Qi

The power of the person’s Constitutional Qi has to be assessed first, which is the most powerful Qi in the body, situated below the navel, known as the ‘Dan Tien’ in Chinese, or the ‘Hara’ in Japanese. We were given this Qi by our parents at the point of Conception.

Someone with a very strong Constitutional Qi could eat badly i.e. hamburgers, greasy foods, foods with large amounts of preservatives in, drink more than average alcohol etc and would be able to cope fairly easily, without serious illness, unless recklessly pursued over a period of time.

Most of us have average Constitutions and have to be relatively careful how we manage our lives energetically. This Qi is often referred to as Kidney Qi, because of its situation in the body. This energy, (because it supports all the organs, nervous system etc), is unique and likened to electricity being able to pass through water – electricity symbolising the powerful natural fire or Qi of the Constitution.

Whereas, the Qi or the Natural Fire of the other organs, the main ones being the Heart, Spleen/Pancreas, Lungs and the Liver – the fire or Qi of these organs can be put out easily with water, showing how the Constitutional Qi has a qualitative difference in power to the other organs because it has to support the whole system. ‘Heart failure due to Kidney failure’ is a common example of the Constitutional Qi (or Kidney Qi) collapsing (used up or seriously traumatised e.g shock), often through reckless living e.g. drug taking, chain smoking, excessive alcohol, excessive sexual activity.

So once the Constitutional Qi, the pulse, the markings on the tongue, and the symptoms leading to the cause have all been assessed, an Acupuncture and/or Herbal strategy is created, and applied to the patient.

Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Qi Kung, Tai Qi, and Tuina massage, are all powerful ways to increase the Immune system, which is, basically, the strength of our Qi (Yang) and Blood (Yin) within.

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If you are experiencing IBS symptoms or suffering side effects from radiotherapy to the pelvic area, please know that acupuncture can truly make a positive difference to your recovery. A few months ago, I was in despair at the awful state of my bowels after undergoing radiotherapy. It was affecting my social life, self esteem and general health as I was unable to process much nourishment from my food. However, after acupuncture sessions and herbs from Keith Ashton to rebuild strength to my digestive system, my energy levels have increased and I can now go out and socialise again without fear of any unpleasant incident.

Gill M