Have you ever wondered why some people are always sick, or why we age, or why some people have brittle bones and weak teeth, or why we have sexual problems?

All the above depend on the strength of our Constitution.

The Kidney Network, or Constitutional Energy, (which is also the ‘seat of Yin and Yang’), is energetically situated below the navel, called the Dan Tien in Chinese, or the Hara in Japanese, and this is where our powerhouse resides, which supports our entire system. A common example of lack of support would be – Heart attack due to Kidney failure, i.e. the heart collapses because the Energy below the Navel is too weak to support the Heart.

So we can see how important it is to be aware of this powerful energy, as it is extremely difficult to regenerate. When this energy runs out due to the way we live our lives, we die. All Energies in our body require intelligent handling, however, due to our lack of awareness we often squander it.

We age relative to the strength of our Constitutional Energy, and Lifestyle, and man throughout the ages has searched for the ‘Elixir of Youth’, hoping to extend his life well beyond the average 3 score and ten.

One day whilst I was working with patients, my Vietnamese teacher who worked in an adjacent room, happened to be in the kitchen decocting Chinese Herbs. He asked me to sample his decoction, which was delicious and tasted like nectar. He said that this formulae could enhance the Constitutional Energy, which as I previously mentioned, is extremely difficult to regenerate.

Constitutional Energy is very precious to us, so we would be well advised to look after it and not waste it through various precarious avenues during our lifetimes. A careless, irresponsible attitude to life, eating junk food, constantly using our bodies to fulfil our desires, overworking, basically engaged in hedonistic lifestyles, will cause innumerable health problems, especially when we are older, when we will have depleted a considerable amount of our Vital Essence, and then our life becomes a struggle. This is not to say, that if we drink too much alcohol occasionally, or we eat some junk food once in a while, we will develop health problems, it simply means develop a Lifestyle which is Balanced.

The Vital essence contained within our Constitutional Energy, is stored within our Kidney Network. This Vital Essence is responsible for the processes of Birth, Growth, General Development, and our Maturation!

It governs the Marrow of our brains, which is the same Marrow that is in our Bones, and also governs our Bones, our Teeth, and our Sexual Energy. Also the sense connected to the Kidney Network is Hearing.

In the elderly, as the Constitutional Energy weakens, hearing is one of the first senses to weaken. The other notable sign of Ageing, and therefore the weakening of this Root Energy, is when an elderly person starts to bend over, as the lower back, where the Constitutional Energy is situated, is no longer strong enough to hold the person in an Upright position. The bending over is symbolic of returning to the Earth.

As we grow older the strength of our Vital Essence weakens, and therefore the brain begins to lack vitality, thus we have problems like Dementia/Alzheimers.

Our Vital Essence is continually rising up via the spine ‘feeding’ our brains and everywhere else, even whilst you are reading this. It is invisible and this is why it isn’t recognised or understood by Western Medicine. It is the foundation of our ability to hear, smell, taste etc, and the stronger it is, the greater the quality of our lives energetically. So weak and brittle bones, weak teeth, confusion, hearing loss, neurological diseases, and loss of sexual desire, are all directly connected to our Constitutional Root Energy.

The foundation for all the substances in the body are regulated by the Kidney Network, which contains our Vital Essence, and is connected to our Neuroendocrine/Endocrine regulatory system. The Neuroendocrine system controls the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Pineal, Thyroid and Adrenal Axis, and all associated Hormones, and these decipher and prioritise how Energy should be directed, just as a Conductor controls an orchestra.

The actual physiological kidneys are included here, and their function is to maintain Fluid Balance, and the production, and elimination of urine.

This article is not meant to depress the reader, as it could be taken as a ‘wake up call’, as it was for me when I discovered this.

It enabled me to become more aware of my energy, and to conserve more of it, by using it in a more mindful way to benefit others, rather than continually satisfying my ego.

This knowledge helped me appreciate and value my life much more, and the Funometer shot over to the right!

The Main Symptoms of Kidney Deficiency

Cold limbs
Fear of the cold
Lower back feels cold
Lower back feels sore / aches
Easily has colds/flu
Swollen ankles
Sexual problems e.g. Low libido
Low grade afternoon fever
Redness in the centre of the cheeks
Night sweats
Premature greying of the hair
Low-pitched droning tinnitus
Infertility (Although the Kidney Network is normally always implicated in Infertility, problems with other organs e.g the Spleen, can also contribute to infertility, it depends on the symptoms manifested – all organs have their own set of differing symptoms).
Poor bone development
Long-term memory loss
Oedema in the hips and legs

If you have any of these symptoms, it is important that you consult your Doctor, and then a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or any other alternative health system that you feel is appropriate for you. It is always preferable to have your Doctor’s blessing, if you are considering alternative medicine.

A symptom is a Messenger, a Warning Sign, that needs to be cleared.

If you have a symptom of any kind, you need to discover the cause and clear it, otherwise you will not be able to reach Optimum Health until it is cleared.

Once you know the cause, you then have the opportunity to avoid recreating the problem, and stop chasing your tail.

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